7 Best Respirator Masks in 2020

Respirator Masks

There are times unforeseen accidents or emergencies will require one to wear a respirator mask. It is important to have the mask in times like this to avoid suffocation, breathing complications, communicable diseases such as Coronavirus or COVID 19. It is best advisable to have this mask in virtually homes, offices, companies, factories because no one can predict the time a danger is likely to occur.

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There are different reasons that will demand one to wear this respirator mask. Someone who works in a factory where harmful chemicals are being released to the atmosphere needs this mask to safeguard the lungs.

Currently, the world is being faced with a pandemic that has killed the lives of many people both young and old. This respirator mask helps to reduce the rate of infection and also counter the virus from infection of another person. Every day, people have reasons to use this virus in their daily lives. It is not something that’s being worn on the face because of fashion.

We live in a society that the air is being polluted and this has shown on the deletion of the ozone layer by human numerous activities. We need to understand what a respirator mask is to have a broad knowledge.

What is Respirator Mask?

This is a type of mask that has been well designed or built to protect the user from inhaling toxic substances that will be harmful to his or her respiratory system. Those toxic substances are powerful to destroy one’s lungs because they are not good for inhalation. Examples of these toxic substances are airborne microorganisms, fumes, gases, vapors, dust, particulate matter, and other harmful particles not conducive to human breathing.

This respirator appears like a masklike that the wearer wears over the mouth, nose, or on the face killing the hazardous effect of any noxious substances. This shows the efficacy of a respirator mask to man’s health. There are times this respirator mask will come in the form of personal protective equipment (PPE) with other things that can be attached to the respirator mask such as gowns, goggles, and gloves. This ensures maximum protection from any polluted substances and also fights against inflammation of the lungs.

Types of Respirator Mask

There are two types of masks, and they are:

  • Air Purifying Respirator
  • Supplied Air Respirator
  1. Air Purifying Respirator:

This respirator has the ability to eliminate harmful particulates by purifying the oxygen an individual inhale into the body system. Some of the particles that can be purified with this respirator are mists, dust, metal fumes, and others. Examples of these air-purifying respirators are mouth bit respirator, half-face mask, full-face piece mask, and quarter-mask respirator.

  1. Supplied Air Respirator:

This respirator helps in cleaning the oxygen human inhales to the lungs (body system) through a compressed airline. Some of the air that is being cleaned is from tank, compressors, Air conditions, etc. Examples of these supplied-air respirators are particulate respirator for dust and fumes, chemical cartridge respirators for toxic chemicals, gas mask, etc.

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Best Respirator Mask

The following are the best respirator mask, and here they are:

WLHER Respirator Mask:

Best Respirator Mask

This mask helps to protect one from gaseous substances in the air. Any individual using this mask is well protected because the respiratory organs and also the facial skin are not left out. Even radioactive and chemical substances can’t penetrate through the mask. The elastic band has a good elastic limit that can expand and contract to fit the wearer’s face. A triangular lens made up of polycarbonate for supervision with also impact resistance. There is a space where the mouth can carry out oral breathing.

Key Features:

  • Replaceable canister
  • Polycarbonate screen
  • Well sealed body mask
  • Low respiratory resistance
  • Gift filter for filtering carbon

ALMAGO Respirator Mask:

Best Respirator Mask

This mask has five different layers of HEPA filter that has the ability to filter particulates in the air. It has been built in a way for it to be folded well and carry to different places. The advantage of this respirator mask is the bag that comes along with it. Almago respirator mask has a nose bridge to fit the wearer properly. Carbon particles are absorbed by the carbon filter available on the respirator mask.

Key Features:

  • Different layers of HEPA filters
  • Flexible nose bridge
  • Presence of bag
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Double static absorption
  • KN 95 filter layer

West Biking Respirator Mask:

Best Respirator Mask

This a sport mask with lightweight that causes no pain on the user. The user can decide to wash it and still make use of it. West biking is not only for biking as the name may imply, but it can be worn for other sporting activities such as hiking, running, motorcycling, skiing, and other related outdoor sports. There are numerous filters that protect the user from cold and dust. When it comes to breathing, the manufacturer has been able to create a double air valve design, and it is made from soft neoprene to offer full comfort.

Key Features:

  • Double air valve
  • Ear loop design
  • Presence of Neoprene fabric
  • Activated carbon layer
  • Well designed filters

Walmeck Respirator Mask:

This is anti-dusk cloth respirator mask. The cotton on the mask allows oxygen to pass through the nasal cavity of the user. Toxic substances such as pollution and air particulates can be prevented too. It comes with an inbuilt where the individual can insert a filter into it, and it is still comfortable to the user. There are five different protective filters to offer a better effect in terms of feeling to the facial skin. All the strips that come along with it are adjustable with any face sizes and shapes.

Key Features:

  • 5 different layers
  • Adjustable elastic strips
  • Dust cloth respirator
  • Presence of high-quality cotton
  • Activated carbon filter

Highermou Respirator Mask:

The respirator mask has a soft material to extend its elastic limit with a hook to attach it to the ear. This hook allows it to be firmed on the face and also secures from falling. Any outdoor activities can make use of this Highermou respirator mask. The active carbon on the mask eliminates pollen, haze, fumes, dust, etc. While on the other hand, it allows proper breathing of purified oxygen.

Key Features:

  • Replaceable active carbon filter
  • Elastic material
  • Soft ear hooks
  • Dustproof mouth cover
  • Face cover sheet

ETGLCOZY Respirator Mask:

This mask has been well built in a way it has been meshed with the carbon filter. It has a lightweight that makes it easy to breathe during harsh weather. The filter comes in different 5 layers – of activated charcoal fiber. Apart from this, it has been perfectly designed with a nose clip and ear loop design one can adjust to any length and size. Based on the way it has been created, different faces and heads can wear it.

Key Features:

  • Dusk mask
  • Double air valve
  • Presence of earloop and nose clip
  • Elastic tape
  • Filter cotton

AIDIER Respirator Mask:

The AIDIER Mask has been uniquely designed to allow ventilation with hook and loop for a stronger grip. There is a mold that comes with a nose grip to place the nose for proper inhalation. The materials are non woven fabric and dustproof effect. Even in the mouth region, there is a ventilation space for easy breathing.

Key Features:

  • Soft ear loops
  • Adjustable hook
  • Presence of windproof effect
  • Double valve for enough oxygen
  • Ventilation holes for the mouth