6 Amazon Echo Commands You Didn’t Know About

Amazon Echo Commands That You Didn’t Know About, That You Need to Try Today!

Alexa, which was first used in the Amazon Echo smart speaker can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. We use our Amazon Echo every day for various activities such as turning on the lights, setting an alarm, and even finding our phone when we lose it in the couch cushions and the rest. Funny enough, Alexa has many skills that people are unaware of or even think about taking advantage of it.

Are you aware that Alexa can actually say whatever you want it to say or even turn your echo into a free TV speaker?. All of these just need a little set-up and they are good to go. Now, we are going to look into how you can unlock all this with ease.

Turning your Echo into a Free TV Speaker

At times we observe that most movies we see have quite a low volume and require an increase in the volume of our TV so it can probably be audible enough. Instead of standing up to do it or looking for your remote, you can actually sit down wherever you are and use your Amazon Echo as a speaker for your TV. You can actually place it anywhere around you to hear what’s really happening on the show conveniently.

See how it goes; you will have to connect your Bluetooth to your echo device, then place your echo speaker close to your TV and say “Alexa connect”. While it’s searching for the device to connect to, you will have to navigate to the Bluetooth setting of your television to find the echo speaker, then find the sound setting on your TV and change it to your Echo.

Using Alexa Cast to other Echo devices

When you drive out and you’re listening to your favorite playlist on your car, and eventually you are home and still want to continue listening to the song on your Echo device, you will have to use the Alexa cast to transfer the music from your phone to your speaker. How can you do that?

Firstly, from the Amazon Music app on your phone, select the playlist you want to listen to. You have to Pull up the music controls and tap the button on the lower right side of your screen. Then select which Echo speaker you would like to cast to and keep enjoying your music.


Creating Custom Alexa Responses

We have noticed that Alexa doesn’t use foul language or say abusive words but you can actually get Alexa to say whatever you want it to say by creating custom responses. You can set it up to say ” you look very beautiful” whenever you ask “Alexa, how do I look”?.

Now how to set it up; First of all, you will need to go to Amazon’s Blueprints page, select Custom Q&A, and then click Make Your Own. From here, you can create all of the questions and responses for Alexa to answer however you want. Now you’re good to go.

Putting Alexa in Your Car

Apart from assisting your smart home, do you know you can also use it in your car? With the help of an Echo dot, which you can plug into your car using a USB charger, you can drive constantly free by pressing buttons all over your dash. Although you will have to connect it with your phone hotspot for it to work, then pair it with Bluetooth to your car’s stereo.

Also, you can actually choose the Amazon Echo Autoroute, which is the newest way to take Alexa with you in the car. It has the same capabilities as an Echo Dot, but it’s designed to be used in the car. You can plug it into a USB charger port or a lighter port. Just know that you will also have to use your mobile data to power the Echo Auto device.

Heads or Tails?

There’s actually a time when you will have to decide whether to cook dinner or order takeout, Alexa Head or Tail Skill in the Alexa app will help you decide which will be the head or tail once you download it. For instance, if ordering a vegetable salad and grilled chicken takeout is Head, while cooking noodles is Tail, you will then have to tell Alexa “to flip a coin”. If it says head, then you’re eating grilled chicken and vegetable salad but if it is Tail, you’re eating noodles. Sounds amazing!!

Creating a to-do list

Most times you have a lot of things to get at the grocery store but keep on forgetting, why not create a to-do list with Alexa. How can you do that? First and foremost, say “Alexa, create a list” to get started. You will then name your lists to keep them organized and when you are done, you can access them from the Alexa app or one of your Echo devices.

In Conclusion

Now you can completely customize your Amazon Echo to fit your needs perfectly.