7 Best Electric Stoves and Ranges

Best Electric Stoves and Ranges for Cooking and Baking

It is everyone’s dream to have the best electric stoves and ranges to cook various meals with less amount of time. This cooking appliance can be used in cooking and baking. Most caterers and chefs make use of it in their various homes, because of the different things that can be done with it.

Photo Title Buy
Summit RE2411W 24 Inch Wide 2.9 Cu. Ft. Free Standing Electric Range with Sensor Cooking
Frigidaire FGEF3036TF 30" Gallery Series Electric Range with 5.4 Cubic. ft. Capacity, Steam Clean, Fan Convection, in Stainless Steel
GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave
Danby 20" Free Standing Gas Range Black
Avanti GR2013CSS Gas Range, 20", Black,Stainless Steel
Thor Kitchen HRD4803U 48" Freestanding Professional Style Dual Fuel Range 6.7 cu. ft. Electric Oven 6 NP/LP Burners S tainless SteelHRD4803U (HRD4803U-LP), 48 inches, Stainless Steel

Any individual will find this appliance useful, and it comes in numerous sizes depending on the person’s choice. You need to find the ideal one to suit your needs and within your budget. It is not advisable to break your savings account in the name of buying electric stoves and ranges.

Even if you are not financially buoyant, you can still purchase one that will have the essential features such as warming burners, convection ovens, automatic, and some other additional features. It is not the price that matters, but knowing the intention of buying it. Before people buy electric stoves and ranges, they have their objectives of buying it. When you can picture this thought within your mind, then you are on track to getting something within your budget. Another thing to bear in mind is these electric stoves and ranges have fine finishes to help reduces the stress that is being attached to cooking and baking.

What is an Electric Stove and Range?

This is a type of stove that has been well integrated with an electric heating device for cooking and baking in our various homes or apartment. Initially, it was firewood that was used in the kitchen to cook various meals, but they were tedious and cumbersome. Apart from this, they wasted so much time, because one has to fan the firewood to ignite the flame. Since the invention of these electric stoves and ranges, the idea of cooking meals has been transformed drastically. These electric stoves and ranges come with their coils and this is being controlled by using a rotary switch. This switch allows regulation of heat from the electric stoves and ranges.

7 Best Electric Stoves and Ranges

The following are the best electric stoves and ranges:

Summit Appliance Electric Stove and Ranges:

7 Best Electric Stoves and Ranges

This comes in a unique design with its size, and this can fit a small kitchen that is not too spacious. Although it is small in size it can still perform different functions such as grilling, baking, and cooking. The size of this appliance is 24 inch wide and it was manufactured in North America. There are two coil burners – one is 2400W 8″, and three 1250W 6″ coil burners. These coils have been attached to a sensor to indicate when the temperature is too high. All cooking buttons or regulators can be found on this electric appliance for easy access and control.

Key Features:

  • 4 Burner Controls
  • Oven controls
  • Durable porcelain
  • Two adjustable racks
  • Indicator light and sensor
  • Waist-high broiler

Frigidaire Electric Stove and Ranges:

Frigidaire electric stove comes with a fine convectional surface that allows the pot and kettle to settle well. There is the presence of an inbuilt intake system, and this can bake anything within a short time frame for any baker. The oven is chemical-free with the capability of cleaning itself to avoid transferring toxic chemicals to food or meals. The user doesn’t have to bother cleaning the oven because it has been manufactured in a way to do this successfully. There is a warming zone with other cooking accessories that comes with it.

Key Features:

  • Smooth surface freestanding
  • Inbuilt baker
  • Self-cleaning convection
  • Presence of oven
  • Proof stainless steel

Imperial Electric Stove and Ranges:

This appliance has 2 round hot plates that can be cleaned easily with less effort. The faster surface on this electric stove allows for overheating making the meal to get ready on time. There’s no way one can cook on this stove, and there will be spillage. The only case this can happen is as a result of carelessness on the part of the person. The oven is not even left out, because there is a heat reflector that allows the heat to penetrate the oven. One can control the amount of heat he or she wants while cooking, and this has been made possible by using a thermostat to regulate it.

Key Features:

  • Splatter screen for preventing spillage
  • Presence of heat deflector
  • Thermostat for regulating heat temperature
  • 2K round plates
  • Inner door liner

GE Profile Series:

After it was produced, a test was carried out on it. From the test result of this appliance, it shows it is conducive for baking different things. The touchpad on this GE profile series is intuitive and also responsible in times of emergencies. The smooth surface on this electric stove and range, one doesn’t have to find cleaning stressful and cumbersome. If you have a moderate budget, you can consider going for this one. This product is being manufactured in the United States of America.

Key Features:

  • Delay bake option
  • Electric smooth top
  • Stainless steel
  • Streamlined keypad
  • Electric touch control


For one to use this Danby’s electric stove doesn’t require the person to be an expert or pro in using it. The main thing is one is going to enjoy the work performance because of how it has been programmed. It is 20 inches wide and this makes it more balanced on the ground. There are four burners which are sealed already with electric ignition with two-burner grates. Inside the gas oven, there are two racks with four adjusted positions for anything. This width allows for enough space inside this electric stove.

Key Features:

  • Two open racks
  • Turn safety knobs
  • Front-mount push
  • Four burners with electric ignition


The Avanti is 24 inch and it comes with a storage drawer and backsplash. The indicator helps the user in detecting either the food is hot or not. You don’t have to go closer to the pot seeing the indicator is enough to signal for anyone using this electric stove. The 60-minute timer allows the chef to time the food on the fire. The essence of the timer acts as a food notifier for anyone using it. A digital clock on the electric stove shows when the time is up for the food to be taken away from the fire.

Key Features:

  • Leveling legs
  • Backsplash
  • Interior light
  • Presence of a digital clock
  • 60-minute timer

Thor Kitchen:

This Thor kitchen electric stove has an ignition if the fire on the burner goes off. This ignition is an automatic one that is capable of solving issues relating to combustion. The thermostat allows one to attain the right temperature during cooking. The Control panel on this Thor kitchen comes in a metallic form to enhance its performance for the user.

Key Features:

  • Automatic re-ignition
  • Presence of thermostat
  • 3 sealed dual burner
  • 1.6 burner
  • Griddle double burner


Buying the right electric stoves and ranges is not as difficult as you may think. It is about knowing what will be right for you in terms of purpose. If you need an electric stove to cater to all your different cooking issues such as warming, cooking, grilling, baking, etc. It is required to carry out a proper checkup for the price.