A Review of the DJI Mini Spark Drone

DJI Mini Spark Drone

DJI Spark is one of the mini drones you can get from the market. The sizes of drones are becoming smaller in sizes with different shapes. Despite several drones produced in the market, it is only a few have sold well. This DJI Spark mini drone is trying to be the first to come out with automated features, blended compactness, and also an affordable price for users to buy.

It is shocking to know it is smaller than the size of the smartphone you have in your hands. Although it is small in shapes, it has been embedded with advanced technology to make it function well such as GPS stabilization, obstacle detection, and to connect with commands.

The size of this drone allows it to stay away from an obstruction in the air. Most drones are bulky and heavy in terms of shape when they are on the ground. This is different from the DJI Spark mini drone because it can capture several things irrespective of its size. It has a fused camera of 12MP to capture quality photos, aerial shifts, 1080p full HD videos. DJI Spark has a top speed of 31mph.

This is one of the things capable of luring buyers to this incredible mini drones. There are other features which are GPS, vision navigation that can be used for both indoor and outdoor. Even a 3D obstacle detection device is inside this drone which allows it to get signal as regarding obstruction.

DJI Spark mini drone

Specifications & Features

  • Obstacle Detection
  • 12MP Still Photos
  • 2-Axis Stabilized Gimbal
  • Shallow and Paranomic Mode
  • 50Km/h Top Speed
  • Quick Shot Motion
  • Front Object Avoidance
  • Gesture Control
  • Automated editor
  • Aerial Immersion
  • Powerful Propulsion
  • Powerful Lens
  • Quick Launch
  • Edit and Share features
  • Face recognition

Pros of DJI Spark

  • Small Lightweight
  • Subject Tracking
  • Good Quality Image
  • Adequate Flight Safety
  • Intelligent Flight Modes

Cons of DJI Spark

  • Short Battery Life
  • Short Flying Time
  • Unreliable Gesture Mode
  • Limited Range and Speed


The size of the DJI Spark mini drone is as small as the size of a soda can. The measurement of this drone is 143×143×55mm and 300 grams (10.6ounces). This shows you can decide to store it inside your pocket like a normal Android phone without finding it hard to move about with it. When you buy the DJI Spark from the market, inside the casing there is a small foam box like the size of a headphone. The storage box has different chambers to keep other items such as two extra batteries and four replacement propellers for emergency situations. This device can fit into the human hands, and from there launch into the air.

DJI Spark has different eye-appealing colours such as red, blue, white, yellow, and green. Therefore, users have wide options in various colours of their choice. A tough plastic is use in building it to make it strong and protecting it from damage during a rough landing. The camera and gimbal of DJI Spark are located at the front, and the propeller of this drone can be folded and to make it smaller.

Build & Handling

The size of this phone is small, but the actual body is thick and firm as a brick. It’s of no doubt the body of DJI Spark is being built from a solid piece of plastic. The setting up of this drone can be done within a minute. This includes fixing the propellers, switching it on, and connecting through your Android phone with the help of the DJI Go 4 mobile app. There is another option of using a hand gesture to start the drone using a feature called PalmControl, instead of using the controller and command.

The drone can take off from your hand by using hand gesture, as it goes up, you can still signal it to go farther away from you. If you want a picture frame, it can be done with your fingers to signal it for a selfie. It is required for one to give the right signal to the DJI Spark for it to function well. This PalmControl can be done within 10-feet for the drone to get the right signal. The manufacturer of this drone has made it possible for hands to control it.

Performance & App

The device can be controlled by using a WiFi from an Android phone. If you are making use of the DJI Go 4 App, the virtual on-screen control for easy manoeuvering. Based on the fact it can be used with a smartphone, allows for physical control for adjusting the drones into different positions. With the mobile app on your phone, you can edit videos add sound and visual effect to it. After this is done, it is left for you to either share it on different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, What’s App, and others. This drone has been built with features for it to perform several tasks.

Image Quality

It has a quick shot feature to take a cinematic shot so easily. There is a motion to let it rotate 360° while shooting downwards. This allows it to capture movement in a wider range within a particular target. If it is a picture you want to take, then you have to form a ‘Y’ shape with your arms. The drone will turn to your direction while keeping a distance from you as it captures your imagination. It comes with several photography modes such as Piano Mode which can fuse 9 images together into a panoramic shot. There are also options to take vertical and horizontal shots. This depends on the type of frame desire by you. The shallow focus in the camera can take awesome portraits.

Battery Life

The life span of the DJI Spark mini drone is too low. This is where the device has a flaw or weakness. DJI Spark users are buying extra batteries to extend the usage time of the drone. The charging power of the drone battery is not even helping matters at all, because it takes a long time to be fully charged. This has added more problems to users, due to carrying extra batteries wherever they go. It is advisable for one to buy an extra battery to enjoy the usage time of the drone.


If all things were to be put into consideration, DJI Spark doesn’t have a bad camera in anyway. Other phones can have a resolution far better than the one DJI Spark has in taking portraits, but what it lacks regarding the picture as enabling it to beat other drones as its ability to use PalmControl.