TCL 65R625 (Best Roku TV) Review

Roku TV Review

This is a 4k TV with awesome picture quality. This TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV) is suitable for playing games because it appears deep black in a room that is so dark with local dimming support. It has a fast response time and crisp like motion graphics. The image seems like it is degrading, especially when it is being viewed from both sides. The Dolby Vision HDR image integrates with sharp colors and this is being powered by QLED technology. Different channels can be streamed based on the user-friendly interface with an eye-catching design that appears like brushed metal.

The premium HDR fused with the TCL-HDR helps to increase the performance as regarding sharp, contrast, brighter, and more defined colors. The quantum dot technology (QLED) in this TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV) gives the user a cinematic effect. This is the same format that is being used to produce the biggest TV screens in the cinema. The soundbars on 4K TV are another thing on its own, because of the effect it can create when watching an action or horror movie. Users can stay engaged watching their latest episodic TV series and get carried away

TCL 65R25 (2019 Roku TV)

Specifications & Features of TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV)

  • QLED color technology
  • 65″ TV display
  • Presence of Dolby vision
  • Smart functionality and LED backlight
  • Auto game mode
  • 4 HDMI input
  • Easy voice control
  • Fast response time
  • 4k Ultra HD resolution

Pros of TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV)

  • Excellent image quality
  • Impressive brightness
  • Accurate color and rich contrast
  • Support Dolby vision
  • Colorful HDR
  • Excellent calibrating colors

Cons of TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV)

  • Low HD upscaling
  • Weak audio
  • Handling of poor motion
  • Lack of shadow detail
  • The tendency to have a dirty screen effect


Just like TCL 32S327 32, it has been tipped as one of the 4K Roku QLED TV, but it is not the best of the TV that has been designed. The TV design is amazing when compared with other 4K TV in the TCL 6 series. This year it has been updated with some additional features to add a premium appearance to it. It is quite unfortunate, that there is no cable management for this TV.

There is a sheet of glass that covers all the edges of this TV giving it a clean look. The bottom is made up of thick metal around the edges. It has a slightly brighter grey color in order to match the leg stand of the TV. The TV seems chunkier, and a good table stand of wider length will be comfortable for it.

Smart Features

In terms of its smart features, a few things have been changed. If you happen to be a cord-cutter, you will enjoy the free section of the homepage that shows a list of channels available. There is a feature on the TV in which your smartphone can be used to transfer content to the TV. It can also be used as a digital picture frame to monitor visitors. There are numerous jacks available on this TV such as 4HDMI, 1USB port, 1 Ethernet, 1 headphone jack, 1 RF antenna input, etc.

The interface of this TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV) is easy, smooth, and has other options. There are different applications the users can stream using this TV. The remote on the other hand has voice control that is inbuilt but lacks the radio features found on its predecessor (TCL P607). Different control of the Roku TV can be found on both sides of the TV and at the back.

HD/SDR Performance

The HD/SDR performance of this TV is quite exceptional in terms of its contrast ratio. It has the ability to give a deep black effect in rooms where there is no light showing an improved version compared to those ones produced in 2018. It offers abundant light for any lighting condition and an abundance of oomph for the HDR. You don’t have to bother about light, because the brightness becomes bright gradually with a superb contrast color to help the color of the TV.

It gives a cinema feeling as soon as the cinema setting is being switched on. There are two other settings in this TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV) that can affect the performance of this TV, and they are LED motion clarity & action smoothing. The latter gives the TV a soap opera effect on numerous strengths. This can be turned off by switching off the effect on the TCL 65R625 Roku TV. While the LED motion clarity makes use of a black frame in order to boost the motion resolution.

4K/HDR Performance

The 4K has no sub-pixel dithering on this TV and comes in an impressive style. It has an improved version on the deep black appearance. TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV) appears better, because of its brighter highlights and overall contrast. If you are watching a movie, and an environment is surrounded by grass, the image quality will be clear, and there will be no unsaturated issues on the image (grass).

The 4K gives a brilliance appearance of different images being viewed on the TV. It can maintain a dark shade of black compared to other 4K TV like Vizio P-Series. This has been able to beat its various predecessors with a balanced look on images compared to others that have QLED to enable wide color gamut. The TV brightness of this TCL6 Series can be set at normal.


While this TV has a QLED to enhance picture performance, the sound is another feature of this Roku TV. TV users have various ways to increase the surround sound by making use of dialogue enhancement and sound upscaling. There is also the presence of 8W speakers that comes with the TV speakers.

The bass effect is too low, due to the low-frequency extension which is high. TCL 65R625 (2019 Roku TV) has a volume regulator to increase the volume to its maximum with higher amounts of distorted inter-modulation. You can decide to enjoy this TV by getting a soundbar to have that resonance effect.


The TV might not be the best TV that has been produced over time, but the price at which it can be bought is amazing. At least in terms of the picture quality, it has been worked on by adding a Quantum dot filter. There are still some motions issues which can only be seen when the user go closer to the TV, but with cheaper price at which is being sold this problem can be overlooked.